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Perfect in Every Way

by Krystyna O. Brown

I am the perfect person
not too short, not too tall
the perfect weight
so they say.
Perfect in every way.
My hair is blond
and brown
and a bit of red
with black roots
Something for everyone.
And I smile
even if you don't smile back.
I made sure my teeth are
straight and white.
I tend to that daily.
And I use products
many products
on my skin
alpha hydroxy
Retin A
aloe vera
dead sea minerals
sun block # 65 just to be sure.
You see, I want to be the perfect person.
And clothes
I love  them
So helpful to reach my goal
Ralph Lauren, Polo, Liz Claiborne, Tahari, Juicy
Whatever I can afford to buy...
at Marshall's.
Did I tell you?
I have 20/15 vision in one eye!
That's better than perfect.
Had Lasik surgery for that.
And I don't usually fart in public
But if I do
I'm protected with my chlorophyll pills
So they don't smell foul
Foul is not good.
And I know when to say whom
and when to say who
and when to say I
and when to say me
and when to say us
and when to say we
People usually screw those up
But not me...
Oops, but not I.
Oh, have I mentioned?  I have Stage 4 cancer.

Krystyna O. Brown is a ten-year survivor of breast cancer and has been in remission for 4.5 years with metastatic endometrial cancer. After retiring from a court reporting career in Connecticut, she is "now living joyously, by the grace of God," in San Diego where her life is filled with friends with whom she shares her love of writing, tennis, photography, music, art, dog walking (her nine-pound Dog, Cha Cha), Scrabble and mah jongg. She is a member of San Diego Writers Ink and has been taking expressive writing workshops with Sharon Bray.