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They Called Her 'Lukie'

by Delores Thomas

Intimate and sophisticated
A true jewel, not what man could bring forth
Strong and opinionated she didn't worry about the earth's tones...
Fearless to adventure edibles created for the Gods
Statue in her ways, not given to change
Mz. Thelma, acknowledged the ways of the world...
Programmed to love which is a treasure itself
She opened her arms to mankind, healing their tormented souls...
Then as a thief in the night, her spirit was contaminated with an unwanted presence
A presence seeping, controlling, possessing
Releasing its venomous toxin, making Mz. Thelma, reclusive and incomplete...
Now when the beast had finished its mission
To leave the lady tattered with grief
A wind so calm, so gentle to blow the first fallen leaf...
Carried this soul to her resting place
To finish her mission with the angels above...

Delores Thomas is the author of "Treasures from a Nubian Heart," a book of poetry taught in several high schools across the country. Her work has been published in numerous anthologies, and she has received several awards, including the Poet of the Year from the Shakespearean Famous Poets Society. She has also written plays including a "A Spinster's Story," which debuted in Chicago, and a one-woman show entitled, "Historical African-American Females, Then and Now." She is currently working on a children's book. Delores can be reached at: dee60564@hotmail.com.