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by Susan Blevins

I thought I'd said goodbye to you forever.
I cut you out of my life, a radical excision.
Then just to make sure
I threw fire at you,
"Slash and Burn,"  sure to do you in.
After that I fed you poison, to
show you my contempt.
But like Rasputin, you can't take no 
for an answer.  You're back, unconquerable, 
possessing me like a jealous lover, who
once scorned, returns more ardent than before.
Your victory is complete.
I am yours.  Until death do us part.
Which won't be very long.

"Metastasis" was inspired by Susan's experience nursing those closest to her through cancer and losing many of them, including both her parents, her husband, and many beloved friends. Because of her experience and her near proximity to the cancer hospital in Houston, she continues to host friends with cancer, shepherding them from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. She has written much about her powerful experiences with cancer in an attempt to bring about catharsis.