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Ode to My Hair

by Inna Bazarsky

My hair is gone. I have no hair.  
It wasn't much, but it was there.
A modest mop right on the top 
Short wispy locks I liked to chop.
I didn't like it. It was flat,
It looked horrendous under a hat,
But it was mine. And now it's gone
To rest in peace while I go on. 
I lost too much in this long fight 
But I'll keep fighting with all my might,
I'll soldier on, I'll overcome,
And when it's done I will become
A mix of someone old and new,
With few parts borrowed and a little blue,
And a fledgling brand-new hair crop.
A light peach fuzz right on the top.

Inna works as a system analyst in an insurance company. This is her first published piece! Cancer rules her life now but not forever. She wrote this poem when she lost her hair from chemotherapy.