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by Glenda Barrett

I didn't notice the shades of green
as sunlight splatters the tree leaves. 
nor did I listen to the deep rumble 
of sudden thunder storms that rolled
across the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Before I didn't notice the sweet
facial expression of my granddaughter,
when I let her smell a flower or the look
of love she gave me, when I held her
and gave her a bottle.
Now, sunny days make me feel
like dancing, and when someone
gives me a bear hug, I accept it
and let it go straight to my heart.
Before, I didn't feel the richness 
in my closest relationships, nor
did I know how to accept love. 
In my darkest hours, I learned
about unconditional, genuine love
as my Maker comforted me.
As bad as breast cancer was,
it was a great teacher.

Glenda Barrett, a native of North Georgia is an artist, poet and writer. Her work is widely published including, Woman's World, Farm and Ranch Living, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Country Woman, and Journal of Kentucky Studies. Her art is online at Fine Art America, and her first chapbook, When the Sap Rises was published in 2008.