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Live With Me

by Jennifer Glass

Love me and live with me. Take from me, give to me.
Let me be all things to you. 
Need me and ask for me. Set any task for me.
Show me the world from your view.
Hear my confessions. Forgive my transgressions.
Hold me with all of your might.  
Chase me, embrace me. Entice me, unlace me.
Caress me 'til morning's first light.  
Roam and explore with me. Leap with me, soar with me.
Linger with me when I'm slow. 
Catch me and steady me. Guide me and ready me.
Help me know when to let go.
Hope for the best with me. Plan for the rest with me.
Know what my cancer portends.
Bandage and balm me. Comfort me, calm me.  
Soothe me when darkness descends.
Tell me our time has been more than sublime.
Whisper that though we will part,
Our spirits enmesh, transcending the flesh,
And I'll always live in your heart.

"Live With Me" was published on Parade.com and Huffington Post in August 2014.

Jennifer Glass is a writer, speaker, and advocate for making aid in dying a legally authorized option for the terminally ill. She was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January, 2013, just four months after getting married. Jennifer has more than 25 years of experience as a public relations executive and has held senior positions at companies including Oracle, Sony and Facebook. www.jenglass.com.