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The Dark Years

by Loree Hill

It seemed they had it easy
And they did, for awhile
Until everything changed 
The economy turned, went belly up
He got laid off 
The only job he could find - lost
She got diagnosed with cancer
Their lives flipped upside down
Nothing will ever be the same again
And it wasn't
He sent out resumes
She sent out prayers
He went to interviews
She went to chemo
He updated his skills
She updated her will
Nothing would ever be the same again
And it wasn't
He collected rejections 
She collected scars 
Wounds filed away 
The folder labeled the dark years
Together they cried 
Together they prayed
No one ever said life would be easy
And it wasn't
A few years later
Things turned again, up this time
He's in a steady job
She's in remission
His ego mends				
Her body heals
He grows confident 
She grows strong
Together they gain endurance
Wisdom and gratitude
Gathered from the bottom of the well
The bowels of life.
Time ticks on
Life moves forward
Through the dark years.

Loree Hill is a writer, photographer and Pastry Chef. Along with food and art, writing poetry and fiction and are among her creative passions. She has been published in Nomos Review, empowher.com, Survivor's Review, Cure Magazine (2012), and Magee Park Poets Anthology (2013). Diagnosed with blood cancer in 2008, she is a survivor in remission. www.LoreeHill.com