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by Donna Buck

Today is the day for shaving.
Not a buzz cut; no,
She wants it sheared to the sheen
Though she will lose the frame
For her determined eyes,
And wonders how cold her ears
Will be in winter.
They come in loving laughter
With treasures:
Handmade earrings that sparkle,
Lattes from the hairdresser,
Outrageous scarves of softest silk.
And coy caps!
She will have to be pierced for the earrings,
And how will she affix the scarves
When there is no place for pins?
Each of their tears a prism.
The shimmering colors of their love
Remind her who she is.
A warrior --

Donna Buck currently lives in southern California and is a retired educator currently volunteering as a court advocate for foster youth. She is passionate about social justice, equal access to health care, and the arts. She is especially humbled by her sister's courageous and victorious cancer journey, and by the healing power of love.