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Good Thursday

by Hillary Fogelson

he said wednesday. wednesday, at the latest. that was when we'd hear. we've made it to wednesday- today is wednesday- and yet...nothing. no news. no relief. no informative information to smother the anxiety that hangs all over my house. all over me. my friends. my family. my husband. our fears are dripping from the corners of the kitchen as we eat dinner, trying to look normal. outwardly, we look normal. we cut the "crispiest chicken ever", move it to our mouths, chew and swallow cause we're on autopilot. fork plate drink chew cancer cut napkin blink cancer.

the information, is it even out there for the taking? neatly printed and sitting in some dark, deserted fax machine waiting to be flipped over and stuffed into a file. my file. my "cancer" file. or is the verdict still undecided, stuck on an unread slide in some pathology cubicle? laying in wait. in wait. to wait. to be waiting. to be still. to be. be.

"good" thursday, right? is that a saying? yeah, it must me. good. thursday.


Hillary Fogelson is a writer, blogger, tweeter, sun protection activist and sunscreen guru. Her sun protection advice can be found on her website palegirlspeaks.com and on Twitter @palegirlspeaks. Look for her memoir, Pale Girl SPEAKS due in bookstores October 2012.