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Kiss Me Cancerously

by Stephanie Wytovich

Sex me malignantly
French kiss my soul and
Run your arms down my breasts
While you bite my lower lip
Piercing more than my flesh,
Scraping the skin off my lips,
Doing that trick with your teeth
That has always brought
The light back in my eyes -
The one that makes me gasp for breath,
And brings me back to reality-
To life, to the moment we're intertwined-
For even with your expiration date
You can still touch me like you used to,
Making my toes curl,
And my mind go blank -
Forgetting everything,
All the doctors, all the tubes
All the hospital beds we slept in...
How I wish
I could swallow your cancer
Feel it bleed into my mouth
While my tongue laps it up,
Licking the backs of your incisors,
Sucking up your poisons
While I devour your disease
How easy it should be
To take your pain
And let it breed within me
Copulating with my cells
Virally mixing our DNA
So we can be the same again;
A version of two old lovers
That didn't worry about
Chemotherapy and going bald,
Never thought about the
Stench of rotting chemicals
Or the taste of bile
Stuck in the back of our throats
Burning away our esophagus
With its acidic reflexes,
That constantly caused gagging
And burping up blood
Yet I knew it wasn't possible
For no matter how hard
I tried to play God -
I just didn't have the
Power to save you,
So I continued to pray
Every night, and every morning
That God would transfer
Your disease into me,
Because I could handle the pain,
For my bones were stronger
And my throat healthier
And I already wore a wig
From when I beat the disease
10 long years ago

Stephanie M. Wytovich is an Alumni of Seton Hill University where she was a double major in English Literature and Art History. She enjoys painting and playing the piano, and is currently attending graduate school to pursue her MFA in fiction. Her poem "The Cheater" has earned a nomination for the Rhysling Award. She plans to continue in academia to get her doctorate in Gothic Literature.