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Dearest Son

by Nanette C. Orange

Your eyes reflect a losing battle,
a fight to hold back tears
while witnessing my failed attempts
to walk across the floor--
legs that danced with time
don't hold me upright anymore.
Your gestures speak of helplessness,
wishing you could trade
your heart for mine.
You offer a priceless gift--
no doctors or machinery.
Do not weep for me, dear child;
your Mom will be okay.
No feeble limb or tired heart
can strip my soul of strength.
I'm still a tigress,
poised to pounce on sorrows
and protect our fondest memories.
Although I may be bedridden,
the sun still beams for me,
offering another dawn
to see, to touch,
and to love the son
who keeps me strong.

Nanette Orange lives and works in Miami, Florida. She is the author of poetry collection, Soul Whisperings: Poems for Victorious Living and contributing author to poetry anthologies, The Innocence of Children and Pawsitivity. Her work appeared in Westward Quarterly, Hudson View, Poet Express and Scorched Earth Publishing. Further details of her work are available at www.soulwhisperings.webs.com