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A Blue Day

by Candice Michel

A blue day. I don't know why, but so blue today. 
Up one day, down the next, 
this roller coaster ride is hard on me and my sweetie.
    What's wrong, he asks. Absolutely nothing, I answer. 
Well, at least nothing new, same old, same old. 
Plenty to be blue about, I suppose. 
A year ago it all started. 
A year ago I was being scheduled for the biopsy 
that would culminate in losing both my breasts. 
I don't know, maybe some more mourning to be done. 
Maybe more grief is working its slow way to the surface 
to be shed like tears, shed like a skin of a snake, 
leaving behind a new life, new experiences. 
But still, it's a blue day, a Joni Mitchell kind of blue day. 
And I long to be somewhere else, to be someone else, 
shed this life like tears, like the skin of a snake. 
This blue day.