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by Paola X

Inspired by poem line: I am covered with fingerprints, with labels. From the "Cancer Patient Talks Back," by Molly Redmond

Scars cover me and shower me in pain
Prickly words hang from my tired skin

Exhaustion as deep as an ocean trench soaks my bones

Rage brews in my chest, a hurricane of fury against
Every nervous complement
Every unkind word
Every careless action

Confusion's staked its flag in my brain
Re-drawing new kingdom boundaries

Strength seeps into my muscles
Holding up my frame against the world

Determination shines ever so tenuously in my eye
Searching for a little ray of light

Paola was born in Colombia, raised in Miami, but has become a Californian. She lives and works in the Bay Area, participates in triathlons for the athletic challenge and to raise funds for cancer research, and finds true happiness on a dance floor. She loves non-fiction, is a policy wonk and a politico, wants to volunteer more for social justice causes, and would like her writing to pay the bills someday soon. She'd also like to become an advocate for young women's cancer issues and survivorship support.