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Hair, Hair, It's Everywhere

by Laura Pexton

Hair, hair, it's everywhere.
On your pillow and on the floor,
Touch your head, there's a handful more.
All over your house and on your clothes,
Into the garbage it should go.
In the shower and down the drain,
Efforts to keep it are all in vain.
In desperation you want to cry.
At last it's the clippers you must try.  
Buzz.  Buzz.  Snip.  Snip.
Sniff. Sniff.  Clip. Clip.
In the mirror you sorrowfully stare,
At the bewildered bald stranger standing there.
A noggin so obvious, so shiny, so white,
Without lustrous locks it just doesn't look right.
Now time to find a wig to wear.
Shall it be dark or light or curly hair?
Long or short, blond or straight,
Whatever you choose you'll look just great.
Eventually your new hair will grow.
The color, the texture you just don't know.
A little or lots, thick or thin,
Hooray, it's finally growing back in.
There's one more thing I want to say,
A reminder to think of everyday;
Be grateful you're alive and you. 
Remember there's much good you can do.
Always remember that HAIR IS GREAT.
So enjoy your hair for goodness sake!

Laura Pexton, a nurse practitioner, found the inspiration for this poem while reading a children's book to her daughter. In 2001, Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. In 2004, she was diagnosed with bone metastases and remains stable at this time. She, her husband, and daughter, live in Mountain View, California.