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by Deborah Hemley

I brought notebooks and writing instruments.
I looked forward to the hours;
nothing but reaching 
for words to put on paper.
I took my seat and sank deep into the chair
in my usual corner of the infusion room;
even asking they use my left arm,
so my right would be free. 
I wanted to tell you all I know about
survival and her wavering hope,
but those thoughts didn't come 
easily. Instead, I thought
about last night's full moon, 
brave cherry-rose tulips at daybreak,
and the contemplative cardinal- 
who sprung into flight.

Deborah Hemley has published essays in "All That Matters: Memoir from the Wellness Community of Greater Boston." She is a contributing writer for "Impressions through Media," a social media blog. Deborah lives in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband, Jon, daughter, Emma, and dog, Chili.