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Oceans of Chemo

by Mary Jo Taylor

As water threatens to engulf me
I dig deeper within looking for
the strength to resurface
The downward force continues,
My mind and body are so exhausted 
from the struggle
that turning my will over to the force
appears to offer comfort
But this is only an illusion
Just as I am losing the battle
My spirit, battered,
but still fighting speaks to me
so I fight on with renewed vigor
toward the surface
I see the buoys in the distance
with no idea how to reach them
My mind drifts in and out
      no focus, reason flies
The sea is expansive
and I am so 
I am ALONE, just me
and this unrelenting force
But time and time again my spirit
with it's tenacity
won't let me go
So onward I struggle knowing
   deep, deep inside
the spirit will triumph. 

A lifelong resident of Westbrook Maine, Mary Jo Taylor was diagnosed with myeloma in 2001 at age 38. After researching alternative and complementary therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine, she formed a company, Resources for Natural Healing, through which she offers consultations.