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by Martin Willitts

The cancer has returned. This much is sure.
It tried to disguise itself; but you knew it 
for what it was. There was denying it after.
Oh sure, it could continue to lie. But you knew it,
although it acted like a scolded child. It tried
to fool the doctor; but she was not hoodwinked either.
It pretended to be a mailman delivering asthma; 
but you knew better. You exposed it as a fraud 
like revealing the man claiming to take away all pain.
All the investigations in the world cannot change facts.
The winter wind goes and returns; 
we can close the blinds and it will still blow.

Martin Willitts Jr. is a nationally and international published poet whose wife, Fran, was a breast cancer survivor since 1987; however she recently died of lung cancer. His full length book of poems and his paper artwork, The Secret Language of the Universe, is available from March Street Press (2006).