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Winter Sun

by Karin Schulz

Shadows in winter have long, cold fingers
that feel their way silently across the landscape,
and at this mid-winter noon-tide,
claim more than they have reason to. 
The low wintry sun skirts the tops of trees
and shadows move accordingly.
I seek out a warm patch of sunlight,
a refuge I can nest into for a while
And turn my pale chemo face to the warmth
of that life affirming orb, in hopes, I suppose,
of absorbing a bit of primordial energy
from an ageless universe.
I am tired but feel a stirring of hope deep within. . .
Perhaps a seed of good health
that will grow and flourish. 
The air is cool and fresh. 
The sun is warm and feels loving. 
I'll come out again tomorrow. 

Karin, a painter, printmaker, and book artist, wrote "Winter Sun" while undergoing a six-month regimen of very potent chemo for two kinds of cancer. As an artist, she finds inspiration for her work in the beauties and wonders of nature.